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We are your go-to place for classes & workshops in visual arts, dance, music, and more!

Glen Echo Park offers a wide array of classes & workshops for adults and teens in visual and performing arts. (See the link below for children's classes & camps.) 


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Fall & Winter Classes | September through February

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Spring & Summer Classes & Camps | March through August






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CHILDREN'S Classes & Programs

The Park offers a wide array of visual and performing arts classes and programs for children, including early childhood classes.


CAMPS for Children & Teens

Glen Echo Park offers

children's spring, summer,

and winter camps in

visual arts, music, and




Arts & Media/Sculpture

Glen Echo Park offers a variety

of additional arts and media

classes, presented by

Resident Artists and

independent instructors.



Ceramics & Pottery

Ceramic classes offer

a unique opportunity

to explore the exciting

medium of clay.




Dance Technique & Movement

Dance technique and

creative movement classes

are offered for all ages in

the Park's Hall of Mirrors.




Drawing & Painting

A place where students

have the opportunity to

meet, collaborate, and

display their work.





Glen Echo Park offers

classes in both blown

glass and kiln-formed 

glass. We offer classes

for everyone from beginners

to advanced students.



The Park offers private

music lessons, ensembles

and music classes

forchildren, teens, and





Small classes, a variety

of courses, and a

professional faculty allow

each student to develop his

or her technical and

aesthetic photo abilities.



Silver artist-in-residence

Blair Anderson brings

over 20 years of experience

and welcomes everyone

who wants to discover



Social Dance

Glen Echo Park offers

social dance classes in

a range of dance styles,

including waltz, swing,

salsa, and others.



Theater & Puppetry

We offer occasional

classes and workshops

for adults and teens

in theater and puppetry.