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    What our students are saying...

    “When I retired from an aerospace engineering career eleven years ago, I wanted to find a hobby that satisfied my need for physical and intellectual activity, and that also provided an outlet for my artistic spirit.  The program at Glen Echo Glassworks filled that need.  Paul Swartwood is not only an outstanding glass artist, but also an excellent teacher. He’s helped me grow as a glassblower, both through hands-on teaching and collaborative projects.  If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding program that allows you to create both beautiful works of art and useful objects, the Glassworks is a great choice.”   - Allan J., Glass Artist & Student

    “Seven years ago I took a leap of faith by enrolling in an oil painting class with Walt Bartman at the Yellow Barn Studio.  The minute I walked into the class my senses recalled art studios of long ago, and I immediately felt at home.  I never imagined I would learn and develop as much as I have.  I am fortunate to have such a passionate teacher who brings out the best in every student. The Yellow Barn Studio offers a myriad of classes and teachers, and there is something to fit everyone’s schedule and interests all year long. Glen Echo Park and the Yellow Barn Studio are local treasures, and I am so grateful that both are in our area where everyone can enjoy the arts and achieve their personal best.” - Susan S., Painting Student

    "This [social dance] class exceeded my husband's and my expectations. Mark and Ellen of Flying Feet did their utmost to put all of the students at ease. Both clearly know their stuff, but they didn't make us feel awkward and inept as beginners. Mark always emphasized the FUN of dancing- putting the emphasis on staying flexible and open rather than on executing each move perfectly. Great fun. I also quite like the rotating partners, to give us all the experience of dancing with someone other than our spouse/partner really puts things in perspective in terms of being able to lead/follow someone other than a person whose every move one can anticipate."  - Laura G., Social Dance Student

    "My wife spotted a stone carving course in the Glen Echo Park catalogue a decade ago and, soon after, we were hooked. Directly manipulating stone with hammer and chisel has a visceral quality that appeals to me; there is something deeply satisfying about practicing such an ancient art form. Nizette Brennan is a master carver and sculptor and has taught us an enormous amount about process and form. The other students in the Sculpture Studio have become good friends and have challenged me to want to do better work."  - Jon G., Sculpture Student

    “Glen Echo Park fosters creativity and a love of the arts as well as a sense of community. The learning and shared experiences that I have enjoyed at the Park over the years have not only strengthened my understanding of myself but also of the arts as a basic necessity.” - Laura C., Member, Student, and Volunteer

    “I had always wanted to have the time to learn to make pottery, but I was not able to start until later in life. Coming to Glen Echo Pottery turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done. Jeff Kirk [Glen Echo Pottery founder and director] is a great teacher, and all the experienced potters here have been welcoming and supportive. I continue to learn from them as well.” - Robin G., Pottery Student

    “Our family is growing, literally and musically, at the Washington Conservatory of Music at Glen Echo Park.  After a long hiatus, I resumed my violin studies with Conservatory director Kathy Judd before I was married. The faculty members are outstanding musicians and technically rigorous teachers who also care about cultivating the inner musician in every student  My husband and I held our wedding reception at the Park, and Kathy gave me excellent advice about putting together a baroque trio for our ceremony.  Riding the historic carousel with our guests was one of the most memorable parts of the day.  After our son was born, we enrolled him in the Conservatory’s early childhood music classes.  A year later, he responds to all kinds of music with exuberant joy and plays along spontaneously, choosing from among his growing collection of musical instruments. Visiting Glen Echo Park for our Saturday morning music classes or one of the Conservatory’s world-class concerts is now a highlight of our weekend family time.” - Stacy S., Music Student and Parent

    “We love dancing at Glen Echo Park! The dance community is what brought us together 10 years ago when we first met at a USOdance at the Spanish Ballroom... we actually met in the "overflow area" in the Bumper Car Pavilion, as we were both late in arriving for the dance lesson, and the Spanish Ballroom was already filled to capacity. The beauty of the Ballroom, the wide variety of dance offerings (we especially enjoy Waltz Time), the incredible bands that play at the dances, the lessons offered before each dance – all of this has kept us coming back for more." - Bob & Francine L., Social Dancers


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