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  • Woman looks at artwork displayed on the walls of the Stone Tower Gallery


    Glen Echo Park's Stone Tower Gallery presents intimate exhibitions of work in the Park’s most historic structure. This gallery is a welcoming space for visitors and is well suited to solo or themed exhibitions featuring a small group of artists.

    Gallery Hours

    Saturday & Sunday  |  12pm to 6pm



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Animal Magic: Stephen Kohashi |  June 4 - 27, 2021 

Curated by Robert Devers

The Stone Tower Gallery features the exhibition Animal Magic, which introduces the phenomenal sculptural range of expression found in the works of Stephen Kohashi in a variety of materials including ceramics, paper-mache, and cast metal. As a whole the exhibition presents a menagerie of animal sculptures that engage and entertain the viewer through provocative gestural expressions, eliciting degrees of emotional empathy in the viewer, bringing to mind our relationships with our own domestic pets as sentient beings.

The various materials and methods utilized in the making of these works also requires an understanding and mastery of empathy of material expression to effectively animate the various mediums to reach their lively presence and communication through body language and creating reciprocal empathy in the viewer. We invite you to experience this immersive fantastical exhibition and to feel the magic. — Robert Devers, Curator

Exhibition Opening: Friday, June 4, 6 pm - 8 pm

Stone Tower Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays, 12 pm – 6 pm



When Our Edges Grow Soft: Irene Pantelis  |  July 2 - August 1


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