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    Lauri Hafvenstein: Magic Staircase

    Opening Reception: Friday, June 7, 6 pm – 8 pm | During Art Walk

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    Lauri Hafvenstein
    Magic Staircase

    There’s a quiet spot hidden inside the Park that’s filled with magic – a simple staircase, enclosed by glass blocks, that connects art galleries to offices and classrooms in a renovated Art Deco building. The magic happens late on sunny afternoons when the sun reaches a specific angle in the sky. Suddenly, more than a thousand glass blocks are set ablaze, bathing the staircase in golden light that casts long shadows as daylight wanes.

    Deeply inspired by this space, Lauri Hafvenstein, an interdisciplinary artist based in Washington, DC, has embarked on a six-phased project to transform the 20’ x 25’ expanse of glass into a giant kaleidoscope inspired by architectural details and visual elements found throughout the Park, filling the stairwell with a rainbow of luminous color!

    Lauri Hafvenstein is an interdisciplinary artist/photographer who investigates light and color in the context of place. This may be a physical space (a structure, a point of geography, an environment) or a place that exists only in her mind. Portals are a recurring theme, windows and doors that open to other realms or provide passageway through the liminal space between. Dreams offer fertile ground for her explorations, as do old buildings and the underwater world that's been a vital part of her life for more than three decades.

    Hafvenstein's work is as much about process as it is about what is produced. Research is essential–delving into archives, analyzing data, and time spent documenting a place. Her investigations sometimes rely on natural light sources, inherently dynamic and ephemeral, or may be technology driven and thus more predictable and controlled. Her choice of media is determined by the story and site being explored and include print, sculpture, installation, video and sound.

    To learn more about Lauri Hafvenstein's work, visit (laurihafvenstein.com) or instagram (@laurihafvenstein).

    This project is made possible with support from:

    The Corcoran Women's Committee

    Art Patron Geoffrey Fallon

    DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities


    Glen Echo Park 
    Arcade Building stairwell (2nd & 3rd Floors)
    7300 MacArthur Blvd
    Glen Echo, MD 20812

    Image credit: Lauri Hafvenstein


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