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  • 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Portrait of boy in yellow, blue, and red


    The Park View Gallery presents In Full View: A Portrait Experience, a solo exhibition by artist Kayla J. Fryer. Through vivid color, voice recordings, and study of human expression, Fryer explores individual vulnerability within the African Diasporic community in America. She calmly raises the hard reality of the human experience: we don’t have the control we want, we can’t always protect the ones we love, sometimes we feel alone and empty, both materially and spiritually. In Full View is also a self-portrait. The artist’s religious philosophy shapes and frames her experience and understanding of vulnerability. The questions and answers this philosophy presents are essential to what matters in her existence.

    Presenter: Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture
    Location: Park View Gallery
    Admission: FREE admission
    Phone: (301) 634-2222