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Still Life: Reflections of Home  |  October 15 - December 30, 2022

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 22, 5 pm - 7 pm

The Park View Gallery presents Still Life: Reflections of Home, a solo exhibition by artist Julia Rosenbaum. For this exhibition, Rosenbaum painted a series of watercolors featuring a “cast of characters” found around her home. Rosenbaum approaches art as a mystery that she is continually trying to solve. She’s constantly asking herself: “What makes for an interesting composition? How can I portray light and shadows using the unique properties of watercolor? And which colors should I use in my palette?” These are the questions that spur Rosenbaum on to experiment and make painting in watercolors forever interesting.

Artist Bio

Growing up on Long Island, NY, the influence of the changing, dramatic light on the nearby beaches and shoreline is apparent in Rosenbaum's watercolor paintings. Now living in Gaithersburg, MD, she has been working as a graphic designer for over 20 years. Rosenbaum discovered her love of watercolors at the Yellow Barn Studio, while taking classes with Christine Lashley, Walt Bartman, Bonny Lundy, and Ally Morgan. Her paintings have appeared in juried shows at the Yellow Barn Studio, the Northwest Watercolor Society, and the Baltimore Watercolor Society, where she attained Signature Artist status in 2021.

Rosenbaum also is an enthusiastic urban/suburban sketcher, and uses her sketchbook as a diary, travel  companion, and a place to experiment.

Artist Statement

Like many still life artists, I have a recurring cast of characters that show up in my paintings. The small steel pitcher that I trust to create interesting reflections. The turquoise glass vase that really puts on a show in a beam of sunlight. And the striped dish towel doing its best to pull everything together.

I take these items, and others, add sunlight, and experiment with the things I’m interested in: composition, portraying light and shadows, and color. I find never-ending inspiration from the everyday objects in my kitchen.


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