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    Art Meets Science in Short Experiments for Parents & Children (STEM + Art = STEAM!) 

    [Check out our Saturday Art Explorers Goes Virtual videos, too!]


    Series 1: Rainbow Reactions

    ••••• Project #1  •••••

    Marbleized Milk Experiment  |  Watch the video tutorial




    •••••Project #2 •••••

    Sparkling Colors Experiment  |  Watch the video tutorial here




    ••••• Project #3 •••••

    Color Hike Experiment  |  Watch the video tutorial





    Series 2: Art du Jar

    ••••• Project #1  •••••

    Fireworks in a Jar  |  Watch the video tutorial!




    ••••• Project #2  •••••

    Bubble Lava Lamp in a Jar  |  Watch the video tutorial




    •••••Project #3  •••••

    Glittery Galaxy in a Jar  |  Watch the video tutorial



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