• Overview of Glen Echo Park with Centers of Excellence


    Planning for the future of Glen Echo Park

    The Glen Echo Park Partnership Board of Directors has launched a planning process for the future. We are working closely with both Montgomery County and the National Park Service to jointly develop site enhancement plans that will ensure the growth of the Park going forward, supporting enhanced sustainability, diversity, and access. 

    How we can can GROW tomorrow

    • Develop more programs and offerings that respond to contemporary needs in flexible facilities. 
    • Increase our regional attraction and outreach to underserved populations and create a more inclusive environment for all.
    • Continue to build a sense of community and place through the arts. 
    • Marry the arts with environment and history in one location for the benefit of a larger constituency. 
    • Build on popular programs serving children and families.
    • Continue to develop our three centers of excellence, including fine craft & visual arts, social dance & movement, and theater & music.

    Through improvements and enhancements we will

    • Provide a well-equipped, one-of-a-kind facility that stands out in the region. 
    • Serve more residents and visitors with a diverse range of programs and amenities.
    • Serve families and children with educational programs and partner with schools.
    • Leverage the strength of our partnership with the federal, state and county government.
    • Continue to support and enhance our program partnerships with both resident and non-resident groups who use the Park.
    • Enable the Park to become more financially sustainable through expanded facilities and revenue opportunities.

    We value your perspective and would greatly appreciate any input you would like to provide. Please consider sharing your thoughts here:

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    A graphic made of starbursts in blue that spells out 20, plus a green stem and text

    This year marks 20 years since a partnership was formed between Montgomery County, MD and the National Park Service, creating a new administrative structure for the Park under an agreement signed in June 2002. The nonprofit Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture (the Partnership) was created by the County to serve as the manager of the Park’s multi-disciplinary arts programs and historic buildings in cooperation the National Park Service, which owns the site. This agreement includes operating the 101- year-old Dentzel Carousel, the “jewel of the Park.”

    Overarching the 20th anniversary season is the theme “Re-Imagine. Re-Create,” which gives a nod to the rich history of the Park while emphasizing an exciting future. The symbol of the season is a flower, representing new ideas blooming, the growth of the Park going forward, and unfolding plans for enhanced sustainability, diversity, and access.

    Leo A Daly III (2020 Gala Honoree) at the GALA IN THE PARK 2022


    Frank Van Riper at the GALA IN THE PARK 2022: Reimagine Glen Echo Park



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    A group of renowned urban planning and real estate experts convened by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) made recommendations to the Partnership on enhancing and expanding historic Glen Echo Park. The panel focused on how to enhance the park's artistic, cultural, and recreational offerings while improving its infrastructure, environmental sustainability, and resilience to fulfill its mission of providing the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area with a unique destination for the region’s diverse population.

    The ULI representatives conducted the program for Montgomery County from March 8-11 through ULI’s Advisory Services Panel (ASP) offering. The panel was a multi-day program tailored to meet the community’s specific needs, bringing together real estate experts in different areas such as land use, urban renewal, and community growth. The panel spent time interviewing local stakeholders, understanding the community’s needs, and delivering advice on how best to tackle the issue at hand. Sponsored jointly by the Partnership, ULI, and the JPB Foundation, the panel provided strategic recommendations on:

    ● The creation of a foundational planning document to assist in fundraising for the Park Enhancement Plan, which will examine long-term improvements to the park and its facilities;

    ● Arts and cultural programmatic offerings that will help attract new, diverse audiences to the park, regionally and nationally;

    ● Strategies to improve the park's environmental sustainability and resilience, including improvements in the park's building operations, stormwater infrastructure, and energy efficiency;

    ● Revenue generating programs for arts organizations that can be supported outside and in all-weather, all-year facilities;

    ● Innovative partnership models that generate private and public sector investment for ongoing maintenance and capital projects.

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