Glen Echo Park introduced a new registration system in April 2021. If you haven't done so already, please bookmark the new ProClass registration system on your devices.

    • Online registration for Spring/Summer 2022 will open at 11am on Thursday, February 17, 2022.
    • On Monday, February 14, the Spring/Summer 2022 digital catalog will be available to browse with links to each course on the registration site. You may set up a class wish list to make registering easier when it opens on the 17th.  (There will not be a printed catalog.)
    • Registration for Spring/Summer Classes and Camps will be online only; no walk-in services will be available.    
    • The Spring/Summer 2022 term includes classes with start dates from March 1 through the end of August.
    • Before registration opens, we recommend that you set up your account if you have not done so (see instructions below). Only one account is needed per household.



    Q: How do I access the new registration system?

    A: Click on our Registration Landing Page link: Glen Echo Park Class & Camp Registration System and bookmark the Proclass system page to your devices for faster registrations on the go!

    Q: Do I already have an account in the new system?

    A: It’s easy to find out! Just click Forgot your Username &/or Password. Enter your email and the system will email you a recovery link if you have an account or it will tell you it does not recognize the email address. If you don’t have an account, see below for how to set one up.

    Q: How do I create an account?

    A: From our Registration Landing Page, click New User in the upper right corner. The system walks you through building your account. Follow the prompts and fill in all required information *. This system has a text feature: if you like receiving class updates by text, you’ll need add your wireless carrier information for the feature to work.

    Q: How do I add someone to my account?

    A: The system offers many chances to add contacts to your Account. Here’s an easy way: click your Account name next to the orange gear wheel at the top right, edit your Account contact information and add more Contacts in the My Contacts tab. Choose whether your new contact is an Adult (18 or over) or a child. Then follow the prompts.

    Q: Am I registered? 

    A: Your online Account has all the answers! Click your Account name next to the orange gear wheel at the top right after logging in, the 4th grey tab will show All Registrations in your account including the Start Date. Use the arrows in the top grey ribbon to scroll across to other tabs of account data such as: Memberships, Invoices, Payments, etc. You can edit your information under the Personal Info, Primary Address and My Contact tabs.

    screen shot of new reg system




    Q: How do I search for a class or camp?

    A: The more filters you select on the left side of the Search page (pictured below), the narrower your search results and the faster you get to the class you want. Always select the Semester and click Search in addition to other Search Options.

    Registration Drop Down Menu example image


    Q: Why use Search Options?

    A: The Park has hundreds of classes and camps to choose from! If you select the Fall 2021 Semester and Painting as the Subject, you might see up 50-100 classes depending on whether you search early or late in the semester. However, if you know you want to take a specific class taught by a specific instructor, adding that Search Option will narrow your search results significantly.  

    To search, select from these Search Options: 

    View Program for: choose a contact from your account. This filter only appears if you are logged into your account. This option only appears if you are logged in.

    Semester (required): Spring/Summer 2022

    Subject: click the arrow and choose from a drop-down menu ranging from Art History to Youth Arts & Crafts. 

    Instructor: Select individual instructor's name from the alphabetized drop down menu.

    To see your search results, you must click on the orange Search button at the bottom after choosing your filters. Your results list in order of Start Date.  


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