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    The Popcorn Gallery showcases the work of established visual artists, including resident artists at Glen Echo Park, as well as artists from the greater Washington, D.C. area. Popcorn Gallery exhibitions attract visitors from across the region and bring new audiences to Glen Echo Park. This gallery presents group exhibitions or occasional solo exhibitions of established artists.

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    Saturday & Sunday  |  12pm to 6pm


  • "Mother Earth" painting by James Terrell


    Mother Earth

  • Pandemic by James Terrell



  • All Dressed Up With No Where To Go by James Terrell


    All Dressed Up with No Where to Go


Discombobulation: A Collide of Scope |  January 22, 2022 - March 27, 2022

The Popcorn Gallery showcases work by artist James S. Terrell in his solo exhibition Discombobulation: A Collide of Scope. In this series of paintings, Terrell explores the use of color from a cultural and emotional lens. Combining the traditional style of color blocking popularized by Josef Albers and images from his everyday life, Terrell demonstrates the advancements of color theory as approached by his art education and art experiences from the Howard University and Parsons School of Design art departments and culture. His work introduces an array of fluorescent tones and color blocking that explores the unique relationship to color expressed by his culture and emotional intuition. Heavily inspired by quilt design patterns and stained glass, his moving acrylic and sharpie paintings create illusions that tell a story. 

“In these days and times new sets of norms have been expressed. Many are perplexed, jumbled, confused, muddled, mixed-up, puzzled, confounded, bewildered, befuddled and dizzy with thoughts of anxiety. A Collide of Scope addresses the feelings we all encounter despite race, color or creed. A Collide of Scope uses lines, color blocking, geometric patterns, infused over figures to address the emotions of social unrest, isolation and mental health. My paintings present and examine the question: how did we as a race of humans manage in times when our foundations seem to be shaken, fractured and at times shattered. A Collide of Scope seeks to show the viewer how an artist uses color to convey the importance of having an opportunity to focus on creating, contemplating and documenting our existence in these times.” – James Terrell

About the Artist

James S. Terrell is a prolific artist and educator. He currently teaches Pre-K through 12th grade Art at Friendship Public Charter online virtual academy. Terrell taught art for 7 years at Friendship Woodridge IB Public charter school, 3 years at Perry Street Prep Public Charter School, 4 years at Spingarn Senior High School to students from grades 9th to 12th. He also taught art and theology at the Washington Baptist seminary.

His work investigates the physical and spiritual experience and our very existence. As people we all sit and wonder what is, what was, what is to come and what will be. The experiences, although individual to one’s own heart, are experiences that bind us and bring us together like the fingers of an open or closed hand. Like the lines placed on the canvas, we are intricately woven together by the strands of the human experience notwithstanding the age, race, color, ethnic, religious or creed of the viewer.

Popcorn Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays, 12 pm – 6 pm

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 29th, 4 – 6 pm



James S. Terrell: Discombobulation: A Collide of Scope |  January 22 – March 27, 2022


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