• 12:00pm Workshop 1 | 1:30pm Workshop 2


    Marisol Blanco


    The amazing Afrocuban Master teacher Marisol Blanco will be in Washington DC area for workshops at Glen Echo Park in the Ballroom Backroom!

    Marisol has been a Cuban Folklore & Popular dancer/teacher/choreographer for 20+ years, and a Superior Institute of Arts Graduate. She is the owner & director of Sikan AF Company in Miami.

    She will be teaching 2 workshops of an hour and 15 minutes each focusing on the following:

    Rumba- Guaguanco:

    An Afrocuban popular dance and music style that capture the heart and soul of the Cuban street.The dance depicts a mating ritual between a man and a woman, where the man tries to impress his lady partner and the woman fends off the flirtation yet keeps flirtatious herself. This style of dance incorporates a lot of body movement, steps, and a theatrical approach to dancing.

    Orisha Dance (Yemaya & Ochosi):

    Afrocuban Dances that challenge one's body to move in non-trivial ways, where students get to work on connection to the rhythm, musicality, and body awareness.  Orisha dance form the foundation of Afrocuban Folklore dancing and have heavily influenced the evolution of Cuban folklore. For many Cubans, Orishas are much more than just a dance; it's a religion and a culture.

    Please wear comfortable clothes!

    Workshop 1: Yemaya y Ochosi - 12 to 1:15pm

    Workshop 2: Rumba- Guaguanco - 1:30 to 2:45pm

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    Presenter: DC Casineros
    Location: Ballroom Back Room
    Admission: $25-$45
    Phone: 571-213-9109