• 2:30pm -7pm

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    We're so excited to have legendary dancer Juan Villafane in the DMV on February 17th for one day of amazing classes! Don't miss it!

    Workshop will run from 2:30pm to 7pm with the following classes:

    "Taking a Chance on Love"
    An introduction to the classic slow softshoe routine created by the legendary jazz tap dancers Honi Coles and Cholly Atkins. Nonchalantly stylish, this solo routine smoothly combines strolls, turns, and slides in crystal-cut precision.

    "The Lead Follow Matrix"
    A methodical approach to master partnered dance moves. This challenging but revealing class will help you make sense of myriad possibilities, expand your repertoire exponentially, and refine your lead-follow technique.

    "Rhythm Is Our Business"
    Master rhythm variations and apply it into your partner dancing to create your own footwork and/or swing out variations to match the melody, hit the breaks, and add rhythmical ideas.

    "Dancers Don't Need to Know More Steps, They Need To Know More Songs"
    How to use your already-acquired partner dancing repertoire to "illustrate" any song. This class focuses on upgrading your listening skills, musicianship, and overall connection with the music.

    There will also be a dance in the Glen Echo Back Room from 9pm to midnight, DJed by Juan Villafane and Michael Quisao. Sign up in advance for the day of workshops at newcolumbiaswing.org/classes/ for $80, or pay $90 at the door. The cost of the dance is included with the workshop. Admission is also available to just the dance for $10 in advance or $13 at the door.


    Presenter: New Columbia Swing
    Location: Spanish Ballroom
    Admission: $90 at the door ($80 if you register in advance)