• 12:00pm - 6:00pm

    ocean with 3D cable


    Ira Tattelman will be exhibiting mixed media prints, found objects, photographs, & a single channel video.

    “My work is a dialogue with and reinterpretation of the environs we inhabit. I observe, respond to, and interpret the built surroundings. My multi-disciplinary practice connects physically and emotionally to the constructed environments in which I live and travel. Since the physical world is constantly changing, I call attention to the planned and unplanned outcomes of human actions.

    Inspired by The Arctic Circle Expeditionary Residency, “The Dilemma of Alien Archaeology” juxtaposes water inspired prints with found objects. The video pairs a performance in the arctic landscape with a narrative about the buried remains of family histories, ship lore, and polar nights.

    I excavate our presence in this world, make what can be hidden or peripheral, tangible. I combine, juxtapose, and disguise circuitous expeditions and journeys. I focus on the footprints that mark the spots of our movements. Our actions leave traces; we write our stories on the landscape.” – Ira Tattelman

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    Presenter: Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts & Culture
    Location: Stone Tower Gallery | 7300 MacArthur Blvd / Glen Echo, MD 20812
    Admission: FREE