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The safety and health of our staff, artists, and the public is our highest priority. Please read our COVID-19 updates to learn about vaccination requirements and/or other precautions being taken in our many different programs.



COVID-19 Updates


    How long may I hold a date? 
    You may hold a date free of charge for up to 14 days. 

    What is the booking and contract process? 
    Within the 14-day hold period, we require that you fill out a facility rental information form. This form will allow us to draw up your contract. Once the contract is sent to you, you have two weeks to return the signed contract to the Partnership along with your first deposit. We do not require a deposit on the space until you have had a chance to review the contract.  If the form is not received within the 14-day hold period, your hold will automatically expire.

    What is the cancelation policy? 
    If you cancel your event at least 90 days prior to your event date, you will be refunded the full amount of the rental fee deposit, less a $200 processing fee. If notification is received less than 90 days prior to the date of the event, your rental fee deposit will be forfeited, but you will receive a credit against the rental fee forfeiture if the venue is subsequently rented on the same date. 

    What is included with the facility?  
    Your rental fee pays for the use of the space only, including any benches and fans already in the venue. We do not provide tables, chairs or other additional supplies for events, but these can be supplied by catering companies or other rental companies. Tables and chairs used in our spaces must have rubber or wooden feet in order to prevent scratching. 

    What catering companies do you allow?
    If the event is to be catered, the caterer must be selected from among these approved caterers: The Chef's Table Caterers, Corcoran Caterers, Delicious Gourmet, High Point Catering & Events, Main Event Caterers, Occasions Caterers, Potomac 18 Caterers, Ridgewells, Rouge Fine Catering, Signature Caterers, Simply Fresh Events, and Windows Catering Company.  Contact for these caterers can be provided upon request.  Outside catering is not permitted.  

    Are there any restrictions on alcohol?
    Since Glen Echo Park is a National Park, you must apply for an Alcoholic Beverage Permit through the National Park Service in order to serve alcohol. The Partnership can provide the application form and submit the completed form on your behalf at no fee. Only beer, wine and champagne may be served; all hard liquor is prohibited, and there is no exception to this rule. Food must be served at an event with alcohol. A security fee of $16 / hour will be applied if the total facility rental fee is less than $500. 

    You may supply the alcoholic beverages for the event, or you may have your caterer supply alcohol. In either case, all alcohol must be controlled, opened and served by the caterer’s personnel. Both service and consumption of alcohol are restricted to the venue you have rented. 

    What times can I rent the facility?
    The Spanish Ballroom and Bumper Car Pavilion have three rental time periods: full day, daytime and evening.  A full day rental allows the renter to have access to the space for the entire day and night (8:00 am to 1:00 am).  A daytime rental begins at 8:00 am and the venue must be cleaned and empty by 6:00 pm.  An evening rental begins at 6:00 pm with the renter cleaned and out by 1:00 am.  Additional hours can be added to daytime and evening rental periods at an additional cost and based on availability.  Prices vary depending on the time period chosen, day of the week, and month of the year (see pricing sheet for details).

    There are other facilities available for rent at the Park for a minimum of four hours, with additional hours available.  Rental times for all of our spaces includes the time needed for set up and clean up, in addition to the event. 

    May I have my wedding ceremony at the Park?
    Yes. There are several places to have your ceremony at Glen Echo Park, depending on how many people you are expecting and what you are looking for in a ceremony site. A National Park Service Special Use Permit may be required for your ceremony, depending on where it is held. Throwing of seeds or rice is prohibited, but bubbles or flower petals are allowed. Ceremony sites are rented as an additional space and have their own rental prices. 

    Are there any decorating restrictions?
    Because Glen Echo Park is a National Park and its buildings are historic properties, great care must be taken to protect and preserve these structures.  All decorations planned for the rented venue or elsewhere in the Park must be approved in advance by Partnership staff.  The use of tape, staples or nails to affix decorations or signs to any rental venue is strictly prohibited.  Flammable substances and open flames are not permitted in or near ANY Park structure. Balloons are allowed as long as they are firmly secured. The release of balloons in the Park is not allowed. 

    Is there a sound system in the facility?
    The Spanish Ballroom, Bumper Car Pavilion, and Ballroom Annex have in-house sound systems. The Ballroom and Pavilion also have a built-in stage. If a house sound system is to be used, the person who will be operating it must be trained in advance by a member of the Partnership staff. Other spaces in the Park do not have a sound system. Please contact the Rentals Manager for additional information.

    Are there any music restrictions?
    Live or DJ-provided music is permitted in the Spanish Ballroom, Bumper Car Pavilion, and Ballroom Annex. 

    Are candles permitted? 
    Because our buildings are historic, no open flames are allowed in or near any of the buildings. As an alternative, LED candles or votives may be used.

    Are there any other restrictions I should be aware of?
    Since the Spanish Ballroom is an historic building, we take great care in preserving the dance floor. Because of this, if any food or refreshments is served in the Ballroom itself the floor must be covered with a waterproof carpet wherever food or drink service will occur. This is done at the renter's own expense and arrangement. The Partnership is happy to recommend vendors that can provide this service. 

    Since there is no heat in the Bumper Car Pavilion and Spanish Ballroom, can I bring in additional heaters?
    The Spanish Ballroom and Bumper Car Pavilion have some electric heat panels or lamps that can help heat parts of the space. Additionally, the Bumper Car Pavilion has clear plastic sides that can be lowered to enclose the space. The National Park Service and the Partnership must approve any additional heating implements for the Bumper Car Pavilion in advance, and both organizations reserve the right to remove unsafe heating devices. Additional heating is not permitted in the Spanish Ballroom. 

    What happens if the Park is closed due to inclement weather or power outage?
    If the Park must close for reasons related to severe inclement weather (snow, ice, hurricane), power outages, or other unforeseeable circumstances, the renter will be allowed to reschedule the event based on availability, or receive a partial refund. The Partnership will not be responsible for fees or costs incurred related to caterers, bands or other vendors due to rescheduling or cancellation. 

    How is parking at Glen Echo Park handled?
    Parking is free at Glen Echo Park. We have a large main lot off of Oxford Road that your guests may use. Overnight parking is not allowed. The parking lot beneath the neon "Glen Echo Park" sign requires a permit 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is limited parking available in the gravel lot off of MacArthur Blvd that requires a permit until 4:00 pm. There are handicap parking spaces in all of these lots.

    Does the Partnership offer any discounts?
    Member Coupons may be exchanged for discounts on North Arcade room rentals. Please ask the Partnership staff to determine whether another contribution to the Park qualified you for a discount. Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts for nonprofit organizations or residents of Montgomery County. 

    Is smoking allowed?
    Smoking is not allowed in any of our buildings or structures. Smoking is permitted only outside any of our buildings and structures, and there are receptacles in the Park for safe cigarette disposal.

    Do you have any smaller indoor rooms?
    We have several rooms available to rent in the North Arcade building: the smaller rooms can hold up to 35 people and the larger rooms can hold up to 65. Larger rooms are rented at an additional cost.