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  • Rentals - Special Covid Information

    COVID-19 UPDATE (Summer 2020):

    We are exited to announce that we are now able to allow small (groups of 50 or less, further restrictions applyprivate social events to take place at the Park. For the remainder of 2020, we are offering special rates for new bookings that comply with these restrictions, which additionally allow for shorter rental timeframes and more cancellation flexibility!  Special 2020 Small Rentals Rates  Please contact the Events & Venue Manager for more information.

    NOTE - We are still allowing new larger-scale bookings for events starting in September, however, we will abide by all policies governing social gatherings as set forth by the State of Maryland and Montgomery County.  If you book a larger scale event, and it can not go on, or as you had planned, we are offering an extremely flexible and low-risk cancellation policy through the end of 2020, or the ability for our clients to reschedule to a later date (based on availability) at no cost. 


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