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    Due to Covid-19, the PAGE Program will NOT be offered during 2021 or 2022. 

    The PAGE Program is a "play-school" experience that provides preschool readiness with an arts focus in the unique setting of Glen Echo Park.  Great for socializing, playing, and learning.

    PAGE is for children ages 1-4  |  Classes are parent/child or caregiver/child | Classes are Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 12pm 

    The PAGE Program presents arts-enriched classes for preschool aged or close to preschool aged children with their parents or caregivers. PAGE is a “play-school” experience that provides preschool readiness with an arts focus. This can be a perfect supplement to your child’s current preschool or a great option for building up to preschool.

    All PAGE classes are taught by preschool teachers and follow a preschool-like day. Our arts and science specialty classes are taught by experienced Glen Echo Park faculty and resident specialists. Hallmarks of a typical PAGE day include: free play, tabletop activities, a PAGE arts specialty focus, circle time, storytelling, crafts, snack time, projects, and much more.

    Students are divided into Butterflies (typically ages 1-2) and Koalas (typically ages 2-4) at the start of class. Tuition is for one parent or caregiver/child pair. For additional information, please contact page@glenechopark.org.

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