Transforming Voices


Transforming Voices

In collaboration with Frontline ArtsGlen Echo Park Partnership Galleries presents "Transforming Voices," featuring the work of eight Veteran Artists who have facilitated transformative papermaking workshops as part of the USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore and Community Building Art Works programs at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital. The work shown here is from the workshops as well as the artists’ subsequent personal work. The techniques are rooted in papermaking and have grown to encompass disciplines such as painting, photography, printmaking, fiber art and book binding, and also include written word and poetry. This exhibition is representative of a growing Veteran Art Movement in the United States.



The Veteran Artists represented in this exhibition are: Kevin Basl, David Keefe, Nathan Lewis, Joe Merritt, Leslie Renn, Valerie Stemac, Eli Wright, and Willie Young. Some of these Veterans identified as artists prior to service, others discovered and rediscovered their craft through participation in these workshops.


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