Youth Public Art @ Glen Echo Park




As part of our continued efforts to offer unique arts programming, and encourage new and safe ways to engage with art, Glen Echo Park Partnership Galleries presents Togetherness, a public art initiative representing community, strength, connection, and joy for the future. We celebrate our young artists and acknowledge their experiences during these uncertain times. Through the exploration of color, texture and patterns, forty young artists (ages 3-17) depict the close and familiar vs. imagined and fantasy. Other artworks are hopeful, and display a deep connectedness to the current state of humanity, the adjustment to our new environments, and way of life. This show offers the opportunity for kids and teens to feel a sense of freedom, share their experiences, be heard, and connect through visual and public art. The exhibition is on view in the Park -- in the windows of the Arcade Building. 


Public Art Show on View NOW!



Young Artists Include: 


Riley Brown (Age 5)

Cheetah Paint 

Keyon Mason (Age 13)

Love Birds

Xavier Rogers (Age 4)

Pillow Hider

Amelia Garret (Age 11)

Stay Safe Together

Audrey Gilbertsen (Age 7)

Happy Feelings

Leonora Fishbein (Age 6)

Happy Lion Says Hello

Owen Gilbertsen (Age 4)

Picture of a Pretend Flower

Valeria He (Age 10)


Evelyn Johnstone (Age 8)

Fairy Fighting Coronavirus

Elizabeth Hecht (Age 6)

What I want to be my pet

Bridget Gibson (Age 6)

Garfield Goes TV Shopping

Eden Shaw (Age 11)

Inner-workings: The Gears of Humanity

Quinn Gibson (Age 13)


Joel Hecht (Age 4)

Just a Rainbow

Bella Kaminsky (Age 4)

Goodnight Moon

Raina St. John (Age 14)


Carter Rose Cowan (Age 3)

All My People

Annabelle L (Age 8)

The Swirl

Clark Delfert (Age 5)


Izzy L (Age 5)

Just Nature 

Alice Delfert (Age 3)

Big Heart

Enzo L (Age 3)

Painting the Beach

Leela Sehgal Ramaswamy 

(Age 7)Together Lish Fish and Water

Misha Prasad


Molly Pachman (Age 14)

Mountain View

Ivy Lafuente (Age 4)

Exclamation of Colors

Monica Stephens (Age 9)

Black is beautiful

Ilsa Syed (Age 12)


Remy Weil (Age 9)

World love

Anaelle Gomes Padelford (Age 5)

A fish with starfish swimming around it

Adrian Weaver 

Birdie Birdie

Melba Margarita (Age 4)


Jillian Regen (Age 6)

Peace in Hands

Zayne Shalhoub (Age 10)

Swinging by myself

Cecilia “CeCe” Yost (Age 4)

Colorful and Sparkly Rainbow

Melissa Redlich (Age 15)

Lost-Words of Life

Della McCahill (Age 11)

Through Whatever

Sylvia Fishbein (Age 3)

Butterflies in the Wind

Maya Jacobson (Age 13)


Adena Syed (Age 6)

Light at the end of the tunnel - Hope

Colette DeNinno-Mooney (Age 3)

Together outside, sun and swing

Joseph Banuls (Age 5)

Bola de Dragon

Allison Tenia Tsitsibelis (Age 16) Mushroom Musician

Nicholas Weaver (Age 7)

Flippy Clap-Clap Bubby



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