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  • Gallery Request For Proposals 2022

    Gallery Request for Proposals 2022

    The Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture requests proposals from individuals or groups of artists to present exhibitions in the Popcorn Gallery, Stone Tower Gallery, and Park View Gallery at Glen Echo Park for the calendar year 2022. All Partnership galleries serve the artists and the public in connecting patrons to high-quality artwork, and they generate revenue for both the artists and the Partnership.




    Read the full proposal HERE for details about our RFP process and galleries.

    Proposals may be submitted via email to or by using the form link above.

    Questions may be sent to the email address above.

    Proposals for 2022 must be submitted by June 28, 2021.


    Please note: if you have exhibited work in a solo exhibition in one of these galleries within the current or previous calendar year (2020 or 2021), you are not eligible for consideration for a solo exhibition in 2022, but you may participate in a group exhibition.


    Additional gallery schematics available upon request.