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We hope you will continue your creative learning at the Park in a new virtual format!
For online summer camps

If you are enrolled in a class and need help with Zoom, here's our Student Guide to Taking Classes on Zoom.


Not sure if online classes are right for you or your kids? Click here to go to the bottom of the page to read student testimonials. 



NEW!  FALL 2020

Our Fall Classes catalog will be published online on August 11. Registration for classes will open on August 13 at 12am.  Both the catalog and the registration process will be online only due to Covid-19. There will be no walk-in registration and no printed catalog.


With the new digital version, you will be able go directly from browsing the catalog to the registration system where you can sign up for a class. (NOTE: Catalog links will be available two days after registration opens. On August 11, when the cagalog is first published, it will not directly link to the registration system.)


Check back here for updated information on the opening of online registration. If needed, our staff will be available to assist with online registration via phone and email ( during regular business hours.



UPCOMING Classes for Adults & Teens   




What Do I Do with this Puppet? (Age 13+) | Aug 10-14
For online summer camps


Not sure about trying online classes? Here's what some of our students have to say about new virtual classes! 


"I just wanted to say that I found this whole experience today to be extremely uplifting and hopeful. I’m very grateful to have this artistic outlet at such a difficult time, when there’s too much doom and gloom. I’m so thankful you are doing this, and I can tell how much effort and thought is put into the process. It feels very empowering. Thank you."
~ K.Y., Yellow Barn Painting Student


"A huge thank you to WCM for providing access to its world-class faculty via virtual lessons! . . . Online lessons are providing a bit of structure in our child’s day and something positive to focus on. . . We’re taking advantage of WCM’s flexibility and adding extra lessons at a time when everything else is shut down."
~ Sarah, Parent of Washington Conservatory of Music Student
"The opportunity to see everyone in the class and to have lessons online has been invaluable."
~ Bob, Washington Conservatory of Music Student
"I have now had two virtual lessons with my teacher. . . It was just like having her in the room with me! . . . I found the experience very satisfying, and I feel confident that I will be able to continue my violin studies at the highest level."
~ Sandy, Washington Conservatory of Music Student


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