February 2019 - Photoworks Gallery

Place and Displacement

January 26 to March 3, 2019
Saturdays, 1 to 4pm and Sundays, 1 to 7pm
Reception and Gallery Talk: Saturday, January 26, 5 to 7pm


Presenter: Photoworks

Location: Photoworks Gallery - First Floor Arcade Building

Contact Phone: (301) 634-2274




Place and displacement intertwines the series House to House by Patricia Howard and Suburbs by Andrew Currie. In both series, images of inhabited and desolated town and suburbs share a similar sense of alienation produced by powerless and meaningless life. Both subjects of the photographer's stories, Howard's mother and Currie's concrete dwellers, are presented with the same sense of being in a place that is not ideal or a preferred place to be. Alienation is central in Currie's overcast, temperamental, dystopian views of overdeveloped suburbs. In contrast, Howard's installation is trying to understand her mother's constant displacement by retracing and recreating their presence through personal objects and textile.