October 2018 - Photoworks Gallery

Places We Find

September 29 to November 4, 2018
Saturdays, 1 to 4pm and Sundays, 1 to 7pm
Reception and Gallery Talk: Saturday, September 29, 4 to 6pm


Presenter: Photoworks

Location: Photoworks Gallery - First Floor Arcade Building

Contact Phone: (301) 634-2274




The Photoworks Gallery is pleased to present Places We Find. This exhibition has photographs by two photographers, Sandy Sugawara and Catiana Garcia Kilroy.

Sandy Sugawara's photographs are framed around objects encountered in everyday life, things like washing machines, electrical cords, office phones, window shades and bus stops. They are the kind of objects that rarely warrant a second glance. Yet when a splash of sunlight or an unexpected spot of color appears, an otherwise mundane object can take on an otherworldly radiance. This is the kind Sugawara seeks to find, intimate scene with a quiet energy, a place where viewers can learn to exhale.

Catiana Garcia Kilroy's photographs are about showing how common places can become a source of surprise and discovery. With this objective, their framing puts together unexpected fragments of place, objects or people. Or scenes in they use scenes in the forefront of the photograph, forcing viewers to slow down the process of seeing and discovery. By making viewers slow down, Kilroy hopes to help them pay more attention to details and unexpected interactions between objects, colors, and shapes.