Social Dance Presenters


Ballroom Dances

• Occasional Sunday afternoon ballroom dances are presented by Mike's Ballroom Blast, featuring live music by Mike Surratt & The ECB.


Balboa Dances

• Once a month Balboa Dance to DJ music presented by American Swing.


Blues Dances

• Weekly Thursday night Blues DJ dances and various special Blues weekends are produced by Capital Blues.


Cajun/Zydeco Dances

• A variety of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dances with live music are presented by Dancing by the Bayou.


Contra & Square Dance

• Weekly Friday night Contra & Square dances are produced by Friday Night Dancers.

• Weekly Sunday night Contra & Square dances are produced by the Folklore Society of Greater Washington.


Family Dances

• During the summer, a monthly Sunday afternoon Family Dance is produced by the Folklore Society of Greater Washington.


Milonga/Tango Dances

• Weekly Sunday evening Milongas are produced by Tango Brillante DC, usually in the Ballroom Annex, and occasionally in the Spanish Ballroom. Check out Tango Brillante DC on Facebook.


Salsa Dance

• An annual Salsa Showcase and monthly Friday night Salsa DJ dances are produced by High Energy Productions.


Swing Dances

• The following organizations produce Swing dances on Saturday evenings and occasionally on other days and nights:

DC Lindy Exchange

Flying Feet Enterprises

The Jam Cellar

Tom Cunningham Orchestra


Waltz Dances

• Twice a month Sunday afternoon Waltz dances and the Annual Viennese Waltz Ball are produced by Waltz Time.






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