Rentals Pricing


Glen Echo Park Facility Rental Fees


"Peak" is defined as April through June and September & October.
"Off-Peak" is defined as all other months.


Peak and Off-Peak prices are only available for spaces that are outdoors or do not have heat/AC.
Rental hours are for total hours during which the facility is used, including set up and clean up, in addition to event hours.



Evening Rental begins at 6 pm.

Day Rental can begin anytime and must be completed, including clean up, by 6 pm.


*Saturday rates will apply to Sundays prior to Holiday Mondays; Sunday rates will apply to Holiday Mondays. 



Additional Fees and Services




Extended Hours of Operation $200/hr, plus the cost of a ticket ($1.25/ride)
(May - Sept only, starting no earlier than 6:30 pm on weekends and ending no later than 10 pm)


In-house sound system


Approved sound technician must be hired for the use of our in-house system.
Rates vary, ask Rentals Manager for more details.
In-house sound system available for the Spanish Ballroom, Bumper Car Pavilion, and Ballroom Annex only.


Hall Manager/Security


Security fee is $12/hr
Fee is applicable when:
          •  Alcohol is present, and
          •  Total rental fee is less than $500

For rentals over $500, security fee is included in the total price.


Security/Overage Time Deposit


A refundable deposit is required for the Spanish Ballroom, Bumper Car Pavilion, and Ballroom Annex to cover any damages, cleaning, and overage time.