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J. Jordan Bruns is a resident artist with a studio on the second and third floors of the Stone Tower. He creates large-scale paintings and drawings that play with themes of permanence, movement, and memory.


Jordan's current work focuses on the cycle of growth and destruction that occurs in humanity. His catalyst for the metaphor is derived largely from his personal experiences, while his imagery resulted from living and working in Florence in the summer of 2007. Apart from his current body of work, Jordan is also an accomplished landscape painter, having spent eight months traveling and painting landscapes across North America. He was a finalist for the Bethesda Painting Awards in 2011. He is also an instructor for the Park's Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery.





  Resident Artists/Instructors & Classes:

Jordan Bruns

J. Jordan Bruns graduated with a BFA in Painting and Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2004 and an MFA in Painting from Indiana University in 2007.  Currently, he is the resident artist in the Chautauqua Tower at Glen Echo Park.  He has received many awards; most recently, he was a finalist for the Bethesda Painting Awards in 2011 and received an Individual Artist Grant from Montgomery County in 2010.  His work can be seen at the Chautauqua Tower and at Longview Gallery, downtown D.C.