Ellen & Len Kennedy

August 2, 2012 by jcloud@glenecho...

Len and Ellen Kennedy have between them almost 60 years experience in T'ai Chi.  They both studied with and received permission to teach T'ai Chi from Robert Smith, first Western student of the late T'ai Chi master Profession Cheng Man-Ch'ing.  Additionally, they have studied with Benjamin Lo, Professor Cheng's senior student and internationally known teacher.  They both continue their study of this ancient art with Lenzie Williams, senior student of Benjamin Lo.


T'ai Chi Ch'uan has existed since ancient times as an exercise for health and longevity.  Based on natural laws, it teaches relaxation, erases tension, and boosts energy.  A gentle series of movements performed in a calm and peaceful manner, the Yang Style Short Form is suitable for young and old alike.


For more information, email emearskenn@aol.com or visit glenechotaichi.org.


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