2014 Social Dance RFP: Information and Proposal Document



The Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture is seeking qualified individuals and/or organizations to present one or more social dance events for the purpose of providing participatory and educational dance activities to the general public at Glen Echo Park from January 2014 through December 2014 in the Spanish Ballroom, Bumper Car Pavilion, and/or Ballroom Annex. Download the Request for Proposals Document.


All details concerning the submission of a proposal are available through the above link. The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 6, 2013. Please email Donna Barker for more information.






Social dances are held regularly Thursday night through Sunday night in one or more of three dance halls at Glen Echo Park: the Spanish Ballroom, the Bumper Car Pavilion, and the Ballroom Annex (see information about each hall below). On many nights there are two or more different dances held simultaneously, each sponsored by a different dance presenter.


New prospective presenters will want to visit our Social Dance Calendar for examples of current dance styles and accompanying live music. In addition, a list of our current dance presenters can be found on our Social Dance Page.


Below is an outline that shows our current and usual weekly schedule of dances:


• THURSDAY NIGHTS: BLUES dances with lesson and dancing with DJ.


• FRIDAY NIGHTS: different dance styles, including CONTRA dances, SWING, LINDY and BALBOA dances, BLUES  or SALSA dances


• SATURDAY NIGHTS: SWING dances are usually presented on Saturday nights, most frequently in the Spanish Ballroom, but occasionally in the Bumper Car Pavilion. Additionally, the Annual Strauss Waltz Ball and a Salsa Showcase & Dance are presented in the Ballroom. Other styles offered occasionally are BLUES dances and the CAJUN/ZYDECO annual festival.


• SUNDAY AFTERNOONS: WALTZ dances, BALLROOM dances, CAJUN/ZYDECO dances, ENGLISH COUNTRY dances, and FAMILY dances are offered once or twice each month in the Spanish Ballroom, Bumper Car Pavilion or Ballroom Annex.


• SUNDAY NIGHTS: CONTRA & SQUARE dances and MILONGAS with DJ are offered each Sunday night, and occasional BLUES dances.




The Spanish Ballroom, a beautifully restored 1933 Mediterranean style Art Deco building listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a formal and glamorous venue for social dancing.


The Ballroom is neither heated nor air conditioned, so we suggest that dancers dress in "layers" to accommodate current weather conditions.


•   Capacity up to 870
•   Refurbished large stage with baby grand piano
•   Suspended, solid maple dance floor
•   Lighting system
•   Grand lobby and benches for seating around the dance floor in the promenade areas





The Bumper Car Pavilion was built in 1923 as a cornerstone attraction of Glen Echo Park during the amusement Park era. This versatile facility is a unique setting for dances from April through October. Like the Spanish Ballroom, the Bumper Car Pavilion is neither heated nor air conditioned, although the open sides provide a refreshing ventilation for dancers. Its solid roof and generous overhang offer protection from rain while providing great views of the Park throughout the event. In the evening it is a sparkling gem with its roofline lights encircling the perimeter.


•  Capacity up to 350 for most dances

•  Covered pavilion with clear, retractable plastic sidewalls
•  Stage for band

•  Suspended, solid wood dance floor







The Ballroom Annex, an addition to the historic Spanish Ballroom, is a recently renovated, climate-controlled space with beautiful maple wood floors. The Annex is an ideal space for smaller dance events with DJ music or live music with small ensembles.


•  The Ballroom Annex can hold up to 200 dancers

•  Climate-controlled year round

•  In-house sound system

•  Solid maple wood dance floor

•  Separate outside entrance